Win daily free spins with Betfair Casino

Betfair is famous for being the largest and probably the best betting exchange in the world, but the casino Betfair123-1area is every bit as exciting.

If you have an account here but didn’t get the chance to experience the thrills of all their games, then make sure you don’t postpone this too much.

The reason is that the campaign is already underway and it will conclude on September 13, when the group stage of the Rugby World Cup come to an end.

This promotion is truly special is that appeals to both punters and casino enthusiasts and make them eligible for free spin bonuses.


All those who are interested in participating need to make sure that they haven’t deposited any amounts previously, since the campaign is restricted to new players.

It goes without saying that each customer is eligible for a single bonus and it will be a severe mistake to set up multiple accounts or use the same IP for this purpose.

The promotion has actually started on September 18, so the winners are already in motion and there are probably players who had a head start. This is no reason to worry though because Betfair made sure that both those who were early to the party and those who are yet to jump on the bandwagon will have the same chance to prevail.

Players are automatically announced if they won a prize or not, so you won’t be left out hanging wondering if you’re attempt was successful.

Assuming your name features among the lucky winners, the cash prize will be credited to your account and the wagering requirements can be met need is the after. The randomness of this promotion is what makes it special, as everyone had identical chances to win and it makes no difference if you’re a highroller or a player who can only afford to wager a couple of dollars.

The wagering requirements are also the same for all players and seven days after the bonus is issued it will expire.

The extra free spins will be credited to the accounts of those who meet the wagering requirements in less than 24 hours and these also have the potential of generating profits.

The online casino is paying close attention to how players behave while a part of this promotion and urges them to respect the basic terms and conditions. A total of 300 customers will be selected with their share of 10,000 free spins.