Twisted road ahead for Wimbledon contenders

The Wimbledon grass doesn’t grant second chances and winning at the Temple of tennis is a challenge that even the most talented players need to take seriously.

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The winners of Roland Garros are not surprisingly among the favorites, yet the runner-up in the Men competition is the one expected to prevail here.


Djokovic has won the event in the past and he is by far the best player in the circuit, but following his complete meltdown at the French Open, nothing is certain.

The Serbian player came painfully close of seeing his dream come true after missing out on this opportunity in previous seasons. His hopes were crushed by Wawrinka and now he will try to avenge that defeat, potentially by causing an untimely elimination of the Swiss player.

He will have plenty of opponents to deal with on his road to the top, but he’s got the stamina, skill and ability to prevail on grass.For some odd reason he decided not to participate in the preliminary tournaments and will probably take his chances next week.

This is a tactic that is used by many top seeds for Wimbledon including the best female player in the world, Serena Williams. She had to fight hard for a victory at Roland Garros and even overcame illness in the final act of the competition, so she hopes to be 100% fit this time.


The thing about Serena is that even when she doesn’t play at top potential, she is usually more than a match for her opponents. She is an excellent tennis player on grass, due to her outstanding first serve and her constancy throughout the tournament.

Last but definitely not least, the American is one of the few players who can keep her composure during key moments of the games and on many occasions she used her power for serve to salvage precious points.

There are plenty of runners-up who try to strip the favorites of their crown and many of them are already practicing in the grass of Halle and Queens.

Azarenka is one of them but unfortunately she suffered a slight injury and she decided not to jeopardize her health by continuing in the tournament. She promptly dropped out and the rest in anticipation of the main event, which makes it very difficult for bookmakers to come up with the correct odds for the ante post wager.