Poker Legend Doyle Brunson makes WSOP appearance

The World Series of Poker on Saga Casino is the place where most of the professionals come together to play for fame,world-series-of-poker-europe-henrik-johansson-leads-final-table money and of course the golden bracelets.

One of the most anticipated players at the table is Doyle Brunson, a poker legend who is largely responsible for the tremendous popularity of the game.

He started to play back in the day when it is both illegal and dangerous to spend too much time at the poker tables and he emerged as one of the best players of his generation.

Last year, he announced his intention to quit the WSOP, due to the fact that the sheer structure of the doyle-brunson-net-worthtournament and the length of the events added an unnecessary pressure on him. At his age, it is easy to understand why he chose not to spend that much time competing at the highest level, although the poker community was disappointed.

This year, thereare finally some good news because Doyle Brunson has announced that he might participate in the Event #43: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em. Just as the name suggests, this event is dedicated to those who have achieved something in this line of work and are no longer in their prime, with Brunson being the perfect match.

He announced his intention over Twitter, so it is not official yet, but poker players are hoping to see him back at the tables.

Meanwhile, the poker legend is still participating in the high stakes games at the Bellagio and ARIA where he decides how much to time he spends at the table.

He used to run an online poker room, but Internet gambling is not the kind of thing that keeps Doyle interested and whenever he has the time he prefers live poker. He stays in touch with the poker community and that’s how the news got in the media, as he contemplates the possibility of returning to the WSOP.

The last time he played poker in Las Vegas during this time of June was one year ago, when he participated in the $50,000 Poker Players’ Championship. He spends plenty of time at cash game tables, yet Doyle is probably missing the thrills of tournaments and that’s why he announced his return.

The Seniors competition is going to bring together fewer players as few qualify for this format, therefore it will take less time for a winner to be decided.