Brace for New Year changes at Norge Vegas

2016 is not going to be a boring year for those who gamble over the Internet and Norge Vegas members logowill enjoy the time of their life.

There are plenty of cool things at the horizon and the online casino plans to be at on the popularity of its existing campaigns.

It will revamp many of them, while also introducing original ones, so existing members will be pleasantly surprised to discover new offers.

There is a plethora of changes about to happen at the online casino and most of them occurred in January, so you will start 2016 on a high note. All the changes that apply to existing campaigns are announced on the official website, so if you are hooked on any of these promotions, you will be kept up to date.

This is refreshing given the fact that so many players are reluctant to give up on their earned benefits and plan on spending a lot of time here.

New things can be a little intimidating for casual players, but knowing that all the changes are for the better is reassuring. You don’t need to take their word for that, because these samples given in the first week of January were encouraging and what’s coming next is even better.

The transformation started well before Christmas and more changes were implemented in the wake of the new year, ranging from new games to ample modifications to the loyalty program.

Norge Vegas uses press releases to spread the news and given the popularity of this online casino, the gambling community is already well informed. One of the things that will generate mixed emotions is that new games are going to be introduced, while some of the classics are going to vanish.

There are some cool games that are not going to be available anymore and all of them were previously playable on the IGT platform.

Battleship and Battleship Mobile as well as Cluedo Classic and Cluedo Classic Mobile had a dedicated fan base and they will be set to see them go. There are a couple of games that will no longer be available in selected countries and territories, so it’s important to check out the list of excluded nations.

Brazil, Suriname, Peru, Germany, Chile, Åland, Austria, Norway, Czech Republic, Greece are unfortunately on the blacklist, but those who reside in other countries will not feel the effects of these changes.
Bally Technologies has provided some fantastic slot machines and video pokers throughout 2015, but more than a dozen of them are going to be retired this year. While Norge Vegas bid them farewell, it will compensate their absence with the introduction of new titles.

Overall, players will earn more than they lose, so in the great scheme of things the portfolio of games will only get better.