Bookies prepare for the box match of the decade

Two weeks from now, the most anticipated box match of the year and perhaps of the entire decade will start in Las Vegas. betting

Manny Pacquiao will take on Floyd Mayweather in a match that could go either way, even though bookmakers favor the American.

The fact that the odds were recently released means a great deal for the fans of the sport, as they provide them with the opportunity of placing ante-post wagers.

What usually happens when major games are scheduled is that punters take a stance early on and their actions influence the direction in which the odds are heading.

With the American being favorite to prevail, it is only fair to assume that the odds will decrease as more players choose to back them at full stakes. Those who are confident in his ability to prevail are therefore recommended to place the bets now, as it is unlikely for the odds to be better at a later point.

On the other hand, fans of the underdog would be wise to wait, because as the odds decrease on Floyd Mayweather, they will rise on Manny Pacquiao. Under normal circumstances, they will go up until they hit a maximum, which will incur a correction and oscillate once again on the day of the match. In addition to betting on the outright winner, punters can also place wagers on several markets and new ones are expected to be introduced over the next two weeks.

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The two players gave brief statements with Manny Pacquiao being the more optimistic one, as he is in great form and anxiously waits for this game. His coach told the media that he doesn’t fear the fact that the bookmakers have given him underdog status and completely trust the boxer.

The stakes are as high as they get, because three different belts are on the line and the winner is also expected to take home a prize worth €250 million.
Action will go down at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, with the price of tickets soaring to new highs and they are already in high demand regardless of the price.

The two boxers are the proud recipients of some remarkable record, with Mayweather winning all 27 games so far, including 26 knockouts. By comparison, Manny Pacquiao won 57 games and lost five times while also drawing twice, which explains why pundits credit the American with the first chance.

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